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The World @ Goldtower Central
Cherters Towers QLD

2023 Winner: Best Monument or Memorial

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‘The World’ is an awe-inspiring reflective stainless-steel globe monument accentuated with bronze countries and a single golden dot marking its home-town of Charters Towers in North Queensland.

Standing seven metres high with a four-metre diameter, it really is Australia’s next BIG thing!

The World was presented to the Charters Towers community in 2022 as a gift from Goldtower Central to celebrate 150 years (1872-2022) since the declaration of the goldfields. 

Known as ‘The World’ during the gold rush days, Charters Towers got its nickname because it was said you could get anything in the world there.


Today, learn all about our pioneering history that is forever etched in stone around the base of this iconic landmark, and be sure to check in with the QR code to become a Citizen of The World!

Charters Towers, just 90 minutes west of Townsville on the Overland Way, is a must for everyone who loves grand architecture, gold mining history, experiencing Australia's WWII defences, longhorn cattle and so much more. There are plenty of places to stay. Our pick is the Charters Towers Tourist Park.

Where? On the eastern entranceway to Charters Towers along the Flinders Highway, at Goldtower Central.

Best viewing times: Anytime, but the globe picks up the afternoon light just after sunset.

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