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Rules, Conditions and Guidelines

The promote of the Australian Street Art Awards (the Awards) is Awards Absolute Pty Ltd ABN 66 111 229 666 (the host).


The information on the Awards entry pages, on social media and in other relevant Awards communications part of these Rules, Conditions and Guidelines. To the extent of any inconsistency, the Rules, Conditions and Guidelines below apply.


The host reserves the right to amend these Rules, Conditions and Guidelines as it sees fit as long as any amendment does not affect any Awards already made in accordance with these Rules, Conditions and Guidelines.


The host reserves the right to make adjustments to ensure optimal relevance for Australian towns, regions and destinations.


1 Binding Terms

By entering the Awards, nominees:

  • Agree to be bound by these Rules, Conditions and Guidelines

  • Have entered into an agreement with the host on the basis of the terms set out in these Rules, Conditions and Guidelines.


2 Award Categories

There are twelve Awards categories in 2021 (announced 2022) and it is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure that their nomination and written submissions are made in the correct category / categories and that they have answered each of the criteria and supplied all documents required for the relevant category / categories. The Award managers reserve the right to change a nominee's category if the nominee has entered a category that they are not eligible to enter.


3 Submissions

Nominees will provide their full name, phone number and email address, answer all questions in the category, provide all required documents and ensure that they have submitted their completed nomination by the closing date.


4 Qualifying period

The qualifying period is based on the 12-month period up until the 2021 awards submission closing date. All activities, promotions, achievements and events referred to in submissions must have occurred within this period.


5 Submitting a Nomination

Submissions must contain all information required as set out for that category.

Only information that pertains to the qualifying period can be included in the nomination.

Each fee-for-entry category is assessed on quality criteria - questions designed to draw out detailed information so that judges can fairly and equitably assess each entry, ensuring all entries are assessed on an equal playing field. The criteria can be accessed via the Criteria page throughout the Nomination Open period.

Nominees guarantee that all information they supply is true and honest.

The host accepts no responsibility for incomplete entries as at the closing time and date, nor for entries that are not submitted on time.


6 Nominee Status

Entry is open to organisations that operate in Australia.

The host reserves the right to allow nomination for an organisation in any category as long as eligibility and mandatory requirements are met.

Nominees need to abide by the eligibility information pertaining to the category they are entering. The Award managers reserve the right to change a nominee's category if the nominee has entered a category that they are not eligible to enter.


7 Multiple Categories or Nominations

A nominee that has promotes numerous artworks, artwork types or events can enter numerous categories as long as the eligibility is met for each entry.

Joint submissions between one or more organisations and in conjunction with the artist or artists are welcome

A nominee can submit more than one entry in the same category as long as all Rules, Conditions and Guidelines are met for each nomination.


8 Exclusion of Nominations

The host reserves the right to exclude a nomination in certain circumstances, such as, but not limited to:

  1. If the status of the nominee does not conform to the requirements stipulated in Clause 5 or Clause 7

  2. The nominee, if a private enterprise, is or becomes insolvent

  3. The nomination is received after the submission closing date

  4. The information in the nomination does not reflect the qualifying period.


In addition, a nominee must inform the host in writing immediately if at any time following the submission closing date and before the Awards announcement the nominating organisation goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy. Under these circumstances the nominee accepts that their submission will no longer be eligible for an Award.


9 The Judging Process

All commercially sensitive data will be held in confidence.

The Australian Street Art Awards are judged by people with a professional background in art tourism, destination marketing, tourism research, tourism operations, and / or tourism media.

Any individual with a pecuniary association with the awards host is NOT eligible to judge any category.

judges  agree to, and sign, a Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencing assessment.

Scoring of entries will be undertaken by people with professional tourism and / or marketing expertise.

All scores will be audited.

A minimum benchmark will be applied to each category.

Nominees who fail to reach that benchmark can not be named as a finalist in the relevant category, ensuring that only nominees who can prove they are worthy of an award will make it to finalist level.

All nominees who score above the benchmark will be announced as finalists up to a maximum of six finalists (or more at the judges' discretion) in each category.

The judges’ decisions will be final in all circumstances.


10 Promotion

The host reserves the right to use all non-financial information contained in a submission to promote nominees’ entry, their success and the Awards.


11 Presentation

By entering these Awards, nominees agree to make all efforts to attend the Awards presentation.

The host reserves the right to invite another party (person or organisation) to accept the Award on the winner’s behalf if the winner is not in attendance at the presentation.


12 Ownership and Extension

Awards trophies and certificates remain the property of the host.

By entering these Awards, nominees agree that in the event that the Award recipient is found guilty in a court of law of criminal activity then the recipient (an individual or an organisation) will:

  • Return the Awards trophy and / or certificate to the host at the recipient’s cost

  • Cease all promotion of their Awards success as a finalist or winner on stationary, via digital means, in promotional literature and media

  • Pay the host any and all costs incurred by the host to enforce this rule.

13.  Cancellation and Refunds

You can cancel your entry and receive a refund up until 60 days before the submission due date. The amount you paid minus a $55 administration fee will be refunded. Refunds are not permissible within 60 days of the submission closing date, and entries within this period can be transferred to a different category or entity. Please contact us refunds and transfers.

14. Will an Awards dinner be held?

Yes, except in the case of force majeure, where the parties (Awards Absolute Pty Ltd, the entrant's representative and the nominating organisation) will be freed from any liability or obligation inherent in this contract. Force Majeure means any act of God, war (declared or undeclared), pandemic or epidemic, blockade, explosion, sabotage, riot, insurrection, civil commotion, national emergency, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disturbance or interference with service delivery, accidents, delays in the provision of goods or services outside of our control, communications or network failure, government restraint, delays in the obtaining of Government required approvals / licences / permits or the effect of any applicable laws, orders, rules or regulations, or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of the dinner organiser.

Image: 2020 Gold Winner Best External Mural - Kapunda Lucas Street Mural by Danny Menzel and volunteers (SA)