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Kapunda Post Office Mural
Kapunda SA

2023 Winner: Best Community Art

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The Kapunda Post Office mural was the first community mural organised by the Kapunda, Mural Town SA Project Committee with volunteers creating it with the aid of the Kapunda Community Gallery.

Local artist Danny Menzel mixed batches of all the necessary colours and then oversaw 21 volunteers who spent a year creating the mural.

The scene consists of the original Post Office building and a collage of carefully chosen, mainly post-office-related memorabilia in the foreground. This includes Kapunda themed postage stamps and a portrait of former popular postman, Al Sherrah - a fitting start to the Kapunda Mural Town Project in Light Country South Australia.

Kapunda's main street is home to many beaut murals that showcase various aspects of the historic town. There are war hero and heroines, fire station stories, a tribute to our working farm dogs and agriculture, and many more. One may even leave you feeling a little spooky.

You see, Kapunda's rich copper mining history means that there are many historic buildings in this town, and that includes the North Kapunda Hotel which is said by some to be THE MOST haunted hotel in the land. Opened in 1849 not long after copper mining started, it served a bustling town and is now said to be packed to the rafters with blithe spirits and others that are not so happy.

There have been many reports of sightings of a ghastly ghostly woman, as well as a young girl, wandering around on the upper floor. Who are they? Possibly a murdered prostitute and her young daughter who died after falling ill. Or possibly the conjurings of beer-fuelled imaginations. Not judging. Just saying.

Apparently you can't escape by going downstairs to the cellar either. There you will find an enclosed space with a spatially possessive spectre, according to those who say they've heard disembodied voices. Creativity at it's best? Spend a few days in Kapunda to find out!

Where? Kapunda is just a short one hour drive from Adelaide, on the northern doorstep to the Barossa Valley.

Best viewing times: The post Office mural can be viewed at any time of the day.

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