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Collie Mural Trail:
Collie WA

2023 Winner: Best Street Art Trail

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The Collie Mural Trail weaves together history, community, and creativity to create an unforgettable artistic marvel. This outdoor art gallery bridges Wellington Dam with Collie's heart.


What sets it apart is its dedication to narrating Collie's living heritage, environment and Indigenous stories, echoing local voices and unique places. More than 35 Australian artists, including Collie locals, have painted a vibrant narrative that brings together past and present.

It's more than a collection of artworks; it's a world-class outdoor art experience. Contemporary masterpieces adorn the Collie Town Centre and Wellington Dam, inviting all to immerse in the town's creative spirit. From the 1922 Anglican Church mural to recent additions, the collection spans time and style.

Each mural unveils a unique story, making your visit educational and emotionally resonant. The Collie Mural Trail is not just art; it's a book of tales, inviting you to uncover the town's rich history and culture.

Collie is one of those places bound to surprise. It's an historic coal mining town with vitality that is surrounded by some of the prettiest country you will find in WA. There are stunning low-cost campgrounds, turquoise lakes, pristine waterways, fabulous kayaking and canoeing, trail biking and walking, and gob-smacking national parks.

Images: 'Gnaala Karla Booja' by Kambarni, Trudi Curran with the Collie community, 'Karda' by Jack Bromell.

Where? From Wellington Dam through to and around the heart of Collie, in the Bunbury Geographe region of WA

Best viewing times: Any daylight hours!

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