Rewards for Every Nominee

Success is now determined less by what you say and more by what others shout to the world about you. And that’s a major reason why you need to enter and win prestigious awards like these.

Winning tells everyone, including time-hungry travellers, that your town, region or destination is a must-visit because you’ve impressed expert judges. If those judges trust you with their award, then travellers know they can be confident in their decision to holiday in your area too.

For All Nominees

Nominating gives you the opportunity to:

  • Work together on an exciting and rewarding project

  • Ask yourself questions that will stimulate more conversation and innovation

  • Explore all the elements of your promotion of the artwork for further potential gain

  • Reflect on your successes and achievements.

Benefits for Finalists

Becoming an Australian Street Art Award finalist or being announced as a winner also:

  • Guarantees promotion

  • Bolsters community pride

  • Helps you attract the best employees and volunteers

  • Boosts staff morale, resulting in great productivity.


Finalists benefit in additional ways:

  • Australian Street Art Awards Finalist’s digital seal to enhance your collateral

  • A custom digital Finalist’s Certificate

  • Social media posts

  • Feedback from judges to help you attract even more visitors

  • Absolute Winners’ online awards course - free single enrolment ($597 to buy)

Winning is Grinning

National SILVER and BRONZE WINNERS receive:

  • A custom-designed framed Winner's certificate

  • An Awards Winner’s digital seal

  • Extended promotion

  • Feedback from judges to help you attract even more visitors

  • Stage presentation.

Each national GOLD WINNER receives:

  • An Australian Street Art Awards custom-made trophy (for the organisation that nominated)

  • A certificate for the artist/s (for joint submissions between the nominating body & up to three individual artists)

  • An Australian Street Art Awards Winner’s digital seal in numerous formats - there are no licensing fees or ongoing payments. You can use our awards seal, and that's included in the administration fee. 

  • Feature blog on the Australian Street Art Awards website shared through multiple channels

  • Extended promotion on a national platform for 12 months

  • One-page on the Awards’ website for the next 12 months featuring the destination and the artwork/s or event, with images, full contact details (for an organisation of the winner's choice) and a website link

  • Opportunity to submit a three-minute video (or images for us to create a video for you) inviting visitors to experience your destination and its artwork, which will be featured throughout the Australian Street Arts Awards channels.

  • Free enrolment for an additional two people into the world's first and only award submission course - an online resource where you will learn how to beat your competitors and win awards continuously. Total three enrolments ($1,791 to buy)

  • The chance to be named as THE BEST OF THE BEST. This ultimate opportunity is included in your entry - nothing else you need do. Imagine being known as the very best in Oz! (Determined by the highest cumulative score from all category winners.)

Image below: Mural by Scott Nagy and Krimsone in Hornsby (NSW)

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