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New Street Art Category Rewards Community Pride

Do you have a permanent artwork that was worked upon by members of the wider community that deserves to be recognised? NEW in 2023, the Best Community Art category is open to any type of permanent artwork or piece. The design and / or creation of the work may have involved a professional artist, but this is not necessary. It could be that the community created the entire piece at some stage in the past. The artwork/s being entered do NOT NEED TO BE NEW. They can be of any age, created anytime in the past. What’s important is that members of your community created the work at least in part, and that you promote it to entertain visitors and engage with your community. Image above: Community piece in collab with CHOQ in Tumby Bay ART AWARDS: FIND OUT MORE More Bang for Your Buck For the Next Three Weeks While there are more chances to win than ever before, with 37 state and national gongs on offer in the Australian Street Art Awards, we have maintained the incredible offers. If you want to save 25% on the entry fee then simply register and pay in the next three weeks - before close of business on Friday 29 September - to take advantage of our Early Bird Savings. You do not need to submit your entry at that time. It will take you less than five minutes to register and pay, and you will then have until Monday 6 November to answer a few simple questions and upload some photos to grab the judge’s – and the media’s – attention. There are no catches and no surprises.

Put your art in the spotlight today:


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