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Kickstart with Street Art - post COVID-19

Outdoor art is the perfect antidote!

Art has always been a great mood-shifter. In 2018, Australians took 12.3 million daytrips and 13.4 million overnight trips within Australia that included arts activities allowing people to escape the everyday and enter a world of wonder. Research has shown that arts tourism aligns with people travelling further, staying longer and spending more.

Location: Home Hill, QLD Artist: Nicky Bidju-Pryor

One of many murals located throughout the town

With many forms of art experiences likely off limits for some time due to coronavirus, it is the ideal time for destinations and businesses to be creative and offer up art that meets the needs of today. Ideally such art experiences must make people feel safe, enable easy social distancing and most importantly be free.

From standalone street art murals and lanescapes, to silo art trails, water tower art, hay bale art, sculpture trails, art parks and underwater art trails, art has been enticing increasing numbers of people through our cities and across our great country. Outdoor art in all its forms has been gathering momentum by offering free art experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Now is the time for outdoor art to come into its own.

Artwork commissioned by Grenfell Commodities

Location: Grenfell, NSW Artist: Heesco

Very few destinations have truly understood the draw of outdoor art, and even fewer promote their artworks as visitor attractions or tried to quantify their value to local or regional economic development. Those destinations that have invested and measured the results know firsthand that permanent artwork, visible 24/7, supported by appropriate infrastructure and promoted well offers an outstanding return on investment. The return comes in the form of community pride, social media buzz, tourist profile, landmark status, visitors, visitor dollars and leads to jobs, inbound migration, and ultimately regional growth and revitalisation.

Whether it be for day-trippers, holiday makers or permanent travelers, street art and outdoor art trails have the ability to make destinations stand out by providing inspiration and social media content to visitors who have recently been starved of both. Destinations now have the opportunity to promote their outdoor art to a very eager art starved audience.

ANZAC tribute in memory of local resident Allan Reed Location: Mologa, VIC Artist: Friends and Family of the Late Allan Leed Photo: Natalie Croxon

Art appeals to people of all ages. From children, to parents with families, to lovers, grandparents, and soft adventurers. From art aficionados to aspiring artists, from nature lovers to modernists, art draws people in and gives a common bond.

Although art appeals to all generations, it is the over 50’s who truly understand the value offered by all forms of outdoor art. They are the group who will spend the time to seek it out, have the greatest means and inclination to travel for extended periods, and who will be most aware of the need to stay safe long after restrictions are lifted.

Location: Tumby Bay, SA Artist: Smug

One of many murals located throughout the town

In terms of tourism attractions, street art and outdoor art trails are a comparatively cheap and fast development option for destinations. They can be art walking trails to draw visitors through laneways, streets or parks. They can be art driving trails to entice people through a region or national park. They can be coupled with quizzes, clues or riddles to add to the excitement. They can even be underwater!

Tin Horse Highway - 70 tin horse sculptures displayed along 15 kilometres of road

Location: Kulin, WA Artists: Various

As Australia starts to cautiously open-up people will be looking for safe yet inspiring activity treats to help draw them out into the big open world again.

What art will you be using to attract them?

How will you make them go "WOW!"?

Boggy Bridge Fish Trees Location: Winton Wetlands, VIC Artist: Tim Bowtell

One of numerous artworks location within the wetlands restoration project

Unless otherwise annotated all photos by Australian Street Art Awards


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