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DYIPNI - Da King of Da Road
The Horsepower Highway WA

2022 Winner: Best of the Best

2022 Winner: Best Landmark Sculpture

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Located 375 kilometres south east of Perth, in Australia's South West, is DYIPNI -Da King of Da Road.

An innovative sculpture created by 14 Filipino emigrants as a tribute to their homeland, DYIPNI is a magnificent example of community art at its very best!


Built with playfulness in mind, "Dyipni" features a moving steering wheel, gearshift, two massive air horns, bull-bar and eight galloping horses. Make a memory by hopping on for a ride.

DYIPNI makes his home at #13 on The Horsepower Highway. What's that? Take vintage tractors that have seen better days, and hand them over to arty locals with free reign to create quirky masterpieces along a wonderful 75-kilometre outdoor gallery! You'll find the collection of agricultural-inspired artworks on the road directly approaching WA's iconic ‘Mountain Country’ - the Stirling Range National Park.


DYIPNI - Da King of Da Road's 'neighbours' are other tricked-up tractors with very individual personalities. There's BERTHA - the Stout Old Queen, HERO - the SES volunteer rescue tractor, LIZZIE - a big old steam tractor who arrived in 1889, MAD MAX - the mad farmer, LUCINDA - a tribute to all rural women, and many others.

These tractors are complemented by sculptures, murals and metal-cut panels and collectively herald the rural life that has given Gnowangerup its purpose for the past century and a half.  There is a caravan park in Gnowangerup plus others on the edge of the Stirling Range National Park, making this art + nature destination a must see on your WA road trip!

Where? No 13 on The Horsepower Highway, along the Broomehill-Gnowangerup Road, through the rural town of Gnowangerup and onto the entrance to the Stirling Range National Park.

Best viewing times: Daytime! And spring is pretty awesome.

Map: Click here to be redirected to a Google Maps layout of The Horsepower Highway

The Horsepower Highway:



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