Awards close and submissions due: Monday 16 November

We appreciate that 2020 has been stressful, challenging and surreal for everyone, and especially in those regional and rural areas where tourism accounts for a large chunk of the annual economic activity. Obviously, the degree to which you have been impacted will depend on where you are located, so very special and specific criteria just for 2020 has been introduced to ensure the Awards are fair to all organisations across Australia, no matter where you are located.


The questions you will answer have been crafted by Awards Absolute applying 25 years of awards establishment, management and assessment expertise to ensure all nominees, no matter how much you have been impacted by COVID-19, have an equal opportunity to win.


Accordingly, this year's questions are the same for every category and have been simplified to make it easy for you to share and celebrate your achievements and resilience.

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2020 Questions for All Categories

Please note:       5,000 characters = approximately 800 words with spaces.

                          3,000 characters = approximately 500 words with spaces.


Entity: What is the name of the promoting body or bodies for this artwork? Please place comma between names if more than one. (Weighting: 0% / Maximum response: 100 characters)


Overview: Describe your town / region / destination, including its population, location, major industries and the relative importance of tourism to your local economy PLUS a brief description of the artwork/s - type, exact location, year/s it was created, and artist/s involved. This question is NOT scored and provides judges with important background information. (Weighting: 0% / Maximum response: 5,000 characters)


Question 1. Outline how and why the artwork/s came into being, including drivers / motivation, budget, 'research' undertaken and public / community involvement. (Weighting: 30% / Maximum response: 3,000 characters)


Question 2. What ensures visitors can access and photograph the artwork/s easily and safely? (Weighting: 30% / Maximum response: 3,000 characters)


Question 3. Since October 2019 what actions have been taken to promote the artwork/s? Please include specific timeframes or frequency for each action. (Weighting: 30% / Maximum response: 3,000 characters)


Question 4. Outline ways in which the artwork/s has/have benefitted your local community since October 2019. This can include community events, workshops, spin-off projects, awards, morale, media coverage etc. (Weighting: 10% / Maximum response: 3,000 characters)

Image above: "Kracken Unleashed" by MASHDesigns, Yeppoon (QLD)

Image below: By Out There Co, Yeppoon Lagoon (QLD)


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