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Quorn Silo Light Show

2022 Winner: Best Mega Mural

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Quorn Silo Light Show is a free Spectacular night attraction in Quorn’s Railway Precinct. This landmark displays every night of the year, and visitors can watch from seats, bring their own chairs, or tune in and watch from their cars.


The show features animated audio-visual stories about the region's history and heritage, with cute elements to engage children while presenting deeper facts for grown-ups.


Watch the Quorn Silo begin to glow at sunset and spring to life under the stars with stories of the region for just under an hour, and followed by a two hour exhibition of local art and photograph for people who want to stay longer.

Cinematic brilliance the likes of which you'll see nightly thanks to Illuminart is not new to this picturesque place. It's featured in many Hollywood blockbusters where it was necessary to include fair dinkum Australian scenery. From recent hits like The Water Diviner and Tracks through to Aussie classics such as The Sundowners and Sunday Too Far Away.

So other than this magnificent silo show, what's the attraction?

Quorn's Flinders Ranges location is a good start, with hidden gems like Warren Gorge, the Quorn Caravan Park and then there's the town's historic charm as a former railway hub.
Surveyed in 1878, Quorn was on a path to become a major rail junction on what was the Great Northern Railway. For a while every train traversing the continent passed through this town. And it was at the start of this period that railway workers in Quorn gave one such train, the one that would eventually push north from Adelaide to Darwin, its iconic nickname - The Ghan. Want to know why and how? Ahh, that's a story best told by the locals so best that you plan a road trip to the BEST mega mural in Oz!

Where? The Railway Precinct, smack bang in the middle of this little community.

Best viewing times: Every night as the sun goes down.

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