The PUBLIC Silo Trail:

Western Australia

2019 Winner: Best Street Art Trail

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It must stand alongside The Great Ocean Road, Savannah Way, Great Alpine Way and the Gibb River Road as one of Australia's best road trips - and it takes in six monolithic artworks that will leave you in jaw-gaping awe.

Be enthralled as FORM's PUBLIC Silo Trail takes you along almost 1,000 kilometres of country roads bordered by stunning scenery as you wind through Western Australia's Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions.


Tne trail begins in Northam, 100 kilometres northeast of Perth where Australia’s first ever silo mural was painted by HENSE (USA) and Phlegm (UK) back in 2015. Four of the other silo artworks are inland and pay tribute to tenacious, resourceful farming communities:

* Merredin - four abstract murals that tell a story of their location by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

* Newdegate - four silos by Brenton See featuring the region’s endemic western bearded lizard, mallee fowl, thigh-spotted tree frog and red-tailed phascogale 

* Pingrup - three silo murals that showcase farming life by US street artist Evoca1

* Ravensthorpe - a three-silo Six Stages of Banksia baxteri by Amok Island.


The final stop on the silo art trail, by acclaimed Brooklyn based street art duo Yok and Sheryo, is in coastal Albany and showcases that region’s Ruby Seadragon. With assistance from CBH Group, which owns all the silos, these six works have opened up a previously agriculturally-reliant region to a new economic opportunity: art tourism.

Australia's largest outdoor art gallery offers everything a road traveller could want - all the towns have accommodation and caravan parks, supermarkets, Australia Post outlets, great pubs and petrol stations. All have a cafe or eatery other than the hotel, and Newdegate now also has a food truck thanks to the additional custom that the silo art has created. And most importantly, all these towns are super friendly, so head out on the road less travelled and hitch your smile to the PUBLIC Silo Trail.

Photographs: Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM

Where? The PUBLIC Silo Trail starts in Northam, 97 kms north east of Perth, and travels through Merredin, Pingrup, Newdegate, Ravensthorpe and then onto coastal Albany.

Best viewing times: Northam -  early or late, Merredin - early, Pingrup - anytime, Newdegate - afternoon, Ravensthorpe - early morning and late afternoon as murals are doubler-sided, Alany - afternoon.