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The Horsepower Highway
Through Gnowangerup, Great Southern Region WA

2021 Gold Winner: Best Sculpture Park or Trail

2021 Gold Winner: Best Rural Art

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Take vintage tractors that have seen better days, and hand them over to arty locals with free reign to create quirky masterpieces. The result? The Horsepower Highway – one of the most wonderful 75-kilometre outdoor galleries you'll ever see!


Where? Along the road that leads to Gnowangerup, where the town's GNP 360 volunteer co-op slogged hard to create this trail, and then on to the entrance to the Stirling Range National Park. Along the way you'll meet tricked-up tractors with very individual personalities. There's BERTHA - the Stout Old Queen, HERO - the SES volunteer rescue tractor, LIZZIE - a big old steam tractor who arrived here in 1889, DYIPNI - Da King of Da Road (by 14 Filipino welders and fitters with close ties to Gnowangerup), MAD MAX - the mad farmer, LUCINDA - a tribute to all rural women, and many others. More to come in 2022 too!

These tractors are complemented by sculptures, murals and metal-cut panels and collectively herald the rural life that has given Gnowangerup its purpose for the past century and a half.  Next to Lucinda you'll find a water tank encased in a matching pink mural that features local women paramedics, firefighters, farmers and other women of all ages who have made contributions to rural life.

Even without the The Horsepower Highway, this was one of the most scenic drives in southern WA thanks in part to the Stirling Range National Park and Bluff Knoll backdrop. This is the only major mountain range within southern WA, and its brooding beauty offers even the casual visitor views of stark cliff faces and rugged peaks which rise abruptly to 1,000+ metres.


Gnowangerup itself has a new five-star user rated caravan park with drive-through bays plus a Community Resource Centre with visitor services, an IGA supermarket, a country pub with Merino's Restaurant, roadhouse, hardware and butcher. 

Where? Along the Broomehill-Gnowangerup Road, through the rural town of Gnowangerup and onto the entrance to the Stirling Range National Park.

Best viewing times: Daytime! And spring is pretty awesome - wheat will be rustling in the fields, wildflowers will be blooming and a flush of yellow from canola will heighten your experience.

Map: Click here to be redirected to a Google Maps layout of The Horsepower Highway

The Horsepower Highway:



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