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Mindeerup Public Art

City of South Perth, WA

2020 Winner: Best Metropolitan Art

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Four sculptures have helped transform an old jetty area into the thriving tourism hub of Mindeerup on Perth’s Swan River.


‘Karl Kep Ngoornd-iny’, translated to ‘Fire and Water Dreaming’, uses new technologies to tell a timeless story of the Noongar seasons and the life cycles of Country that the traditional owners of this land observed and lived with in harmony prior to European settlement. The artwork takes the form of a light and sound show using layered gobo projections featuring imagery created by Whadjuk Noongar artist Yondee Shane Hansen, lighting effects and an evocative audio sound track. The show plays twice every evening Monday to Thursday and three times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


‘Yedi Waangki-ny’, meaning Songlines, was also created by Yondee Shane Hansen and Art+. It is eight sculptural ground reliefs that feature the linear patterns that the artist learned from sand paintings made by his father and grandfather. They reference emu feathers, rock formations, water holes, rain clouds and songlines.


* Mikaela Castledine’s Mends Street Mob - ten meerkats be found in two gangs.


Meerkats are roaming the new hub. ‘Mends Street Mob’ by Mikaela Castledine celebrates these cheeky and beloved animals and honour the Perth Zoo only a few hundred metres away. There are three gangs, one of which has gained almost stardom status with visitors taking endless photographs of their alert status on the foreshore wall.


Equally appealing are the three sculptures by Russell Sheridan titled ‘Promenading Emus’. A family of three emus – two adults and a chick, pause in mid-meander and invite passers-by to follow their direction towards the Zoo. By the way, did you know that it is the male adults who looks after the chicks? Mum is not seen after the eggs are laid. Smart girl!


The judges were particularly impressed that the City of South Perth has used street and public art to appeal to visitors in a way that will encourage them to eat, play and stay in the revitalised area.

Where? Mindeerup [Min-deer-up] means 'place on the shore, and that's exactly where you will find it - on the foreshore of South Perth.

Best viewing times: Anytime for three of the installations, and at nightly viewing times for the fourth.