Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea:

Downtown Caloundra

2019 Winner: Best External Mural

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Head to Downtown Caloundra, just an hour north of Brisbane, and you might wonder why so many people are taking smartphone videos of a street corner. This mural is the answer!


This stunning artwork by Melbourne-based George Rose turns into a 3D animation accompanied by music where the fish swim amongst the waving marine flora right in front of your eyes. That's thanks to an app called Eye-Jack created by digital artist Stewart Campbell AKA Sutu. It may not surprise you to know that his artistic flair and high-tech innovation has seen him become an artist of choice for the likes of Marvel, Google and Disney.

The work is a nod to the region's evolution - turning a static piece into a living creation that reflects the vibrancy and colours of the Sunshine Coast seascape. It features the Glass Fish or Agazzasi is a freshwater fish found in rivulets around the region.

This and other surrounding murals have signalled Caloundra's transformation from a laid-back retro beach town (it's still very relaxing!) to a hip and happening place to be - the perfect destination for a few days of gourmet food, discovering hand-crafted treasures at the weekend markets, chic bar hopping, beach lazing and street art indulgence. There's even a 1.7 kilometre Street Art Trail that takes you around the town taking in nine murals., many of which showcase unique aspects of Caloundra.


Local artist Steven Bordonaro has created another of the showcase murals, and this one also pays tribute to the town. Located on a prominent intersection above Kings Beach, everyone calls it Dingle Wall. The 40 metre long piece shines with imagination, is packed with detail, speaks to the child in us all and will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Steven was the feature artist for the inaugural Australian Street Art Awards dinner and associated Art of Attraction Tourism Summit, held on the Sunshine Coast in November 2019.

Caloundra is well endowed with literally dozens of accommodation options, from caravan parks through to five-star resorts, many of which are just a short stroll to the Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea. Jump onto Visit Sunshine Coast to identify a deal that will suit you.

Where? Corner of Bulcock Street (the main retail street) and Knox Ave, Caloundra 

Best viewing times: Daytime