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Accessible Cuttlefish Throne
Whyalla, Eyre Peninsula SA

2021 Winner: Best Landmark Sculpture

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Whyalla is just a steel city in western SA, right? Oh no, there's so many unique experiences to unearth in Whyalla, and this dazzling sculpture touches on one of them.

This accessible cuttlefish throne, affectionately known as Craig, was created by mosaic artist Karen Carr, affectionately known as Squashed Cocky, with dozens of hours of community assistance. Craig is a nod to the annual giant cuttlefish aggregation that occurs in the crystal-clear waters of Whyalla, on the Spencer Gulf. At the right time of year you can see this incredible winning sculpture before dinning on dive or snorkel gear to witness the camouflage and colourful mating rituals of Whyalla’s distinctive Giant Cuttlefish.


That's not the only thing that Whyalla a must-stay destination. Here's a few others:

* Yes, you should feel the heat and witness the spectacle of red hot coals emerging from the massive coke ovens at the Whyalla steelworks when learning about the transformation of ore into steel.

* Head to Whyalla's calm waters to wonder at the antics of the local resident dolphins.

* Feel the sand between your toes when searching for a delicious meal of fresh crab off the Whyalla Foreshore beach.

* Spend a few days relaxing oceanside while taking in the wonders of the unique Northern Coastline and beaches on the tranquil Spencer Gulf which are back dropped by the ancient Southern Flinders Ranges.

* Enjoy spectacular sunsets and shimmering horizons.

* Check out the other public art that has made Whyalla a vibrant community.


Equally exciting is that this sculpture is nearby to motels, caravan parks and a low-cost RV camps at Point Lowry and Fitzgerald Bay.

Where? On the foreshore near Whyalla's iconic circular jetty, on the Eyre Peninsula.

Best viewing times: Absolutely anytime! Having said that, the jetty is stunning at dawn and is illuminated at night.

Whyalla Tourism:



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