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Kapunda Lucas Street Mural:

Kapunda, Barossa SA

2020 Winner: Best External Mural

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It was the town that saved the colonial South Australian government from becoming bankrupt and now a 28-metre-long mural tells the story and so much more.


Kapunda, only just over an hour northwest of Adelaide, was Australia’s first commercial mining town. For a colony that had previously relied on gentlemen settlers but had no industry to generate taxes, the establishment of a copper in 1844 quickly turned into an economic saviour.


Painted by local artist Danny Menzel with assistance from 15 passionate volunteers over a two-year period, the artwork showcases that history and so much more. Through the mural, visitors can look into the eyes of people who made significant contributions to South Australia, such as Captain Charles Hervey Bagot and Francis Stacker Dutton, the duo who discovered copper in Kapunda and established Australia’s first commercially successful copper mine. The mural has even recreated two buildings that once stood exactly where they have been painted.


Completed in 2020 and funded substantially by local donations, it is a fabulous example of passion, research and collaboration. The mural was nominated by Kapunda Community Gallery with support from the Light Regional Council.


The wealth of the town through the latter half of the 19th century and into the 20th century is evident in the ornate buildings and largely historic main street, where other murals depict different elements of the town’s evolution.


And while there is plenty of art to keep you occupied and delighted, Kapunda is also surrounded by rolling hills, farmland, historic sites, plus walking and cycling trails, with the celebrated Barossa Valley wine region only a few minutes’ drive away.

Where? Lucas Street, off Main Street (Thiele Highway), in the centre of town.

Best viewing times: Daytime