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Wind Dance
Kingston SE, Limestone Coast SA

2021 Winner: Best External Mural

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This mural features many of the things that make Kingston SE, nestled on the picturesque waters of Lacepede Bay and home to the famous ‘Larry the Lobster’, an ideal place to relax and unwind. There's the beach, the laid-back lifestyle and local Aboriginal culture.


There is much to like about Kingston SE (as it's known officially to distinguish it from another Kingston that's also in SA!) - the fishing, local shops and cafes, seafood, wine, local produce, safe beaches, fantastic local events and great parks.

Located approximately 300km south of Adelaide, this picturesque town is the Limestone Coast’s hidden gem. It's where you can experience some of the safest beaches in South Australia, RV parks, visitor facilities, parks and gardens, recreational facilities, excellent recreational fishing and now SA's first augmented reality mural.

Painted by Sarah Boese and brought to life with sound and movement thanks to EyeJack, the mural 

The small seaside town is the perfect destination to holiday, its central location is ideal to stay and explore the nearby towns such as Robe, Beachport, Naracoorte, Millicent, Penola and Mount Gambier.

Kingston District Council operates a beachside RV donation camp and a beachfront caravan park. Both are epic! There's also motels, villas and bed and breakfast stays waiting to warmly welcome you.

Where? Corner of Agnes and Charles Street, Kingston SE

Best viewing times: Daytime

Kingston SE:



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