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Gallipoli to Armistice:

Maryborough, Fraser Coast QLD

2020 Winner: Best Monument or Memorial

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Maryborough born and raised Duncan Chapman was the first Allied soldier to set foot ashore at Gallipoli and this expansive memorial in Queens park, in the heart of the Fraser Coast’s heritage town of Maryborough, was inspired by his courage.


It quickly evolved into a memorial of significance that celebrates and honours all those who served – everyone who played their part from Gallipoli to Armistice.


At its core is Lieutenant Duncan Chapman, surrounded by towering eight-metre-high steel girders that represent the landscape of Gallipoli. Story boards that inform visitors about the battle then leads off along a path that explores the Western Front and the bloody battle of Pozieres where Duncan lost his life. The writings of war correspondent Charles Bean and a compilation of letters from the front that were published in the local newspaper during WWI informed the development of the memorial, which focusses on the stories of the local men and women who served.


Twenty-first technology is now showcasing this century-old conflict. Motion sensors along the pathways trigger multi-media immersions that take visitors back in time on a journey from Gallipoli to the Western Front. These are complemented with QR-encoded story panels that link to the Australian War Memorial and London’s The Imperial War Museum.


Queens Park is on the edge of the town’s CBD and adjacent to the Portside Heritage Precinct which boasts a pet-friendly caravan park as well as the Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum. Maryborough was once Queensland’s largest port and features many historic buildings and heritage pubs, Mary Poppins-related attractions and more than 30 murals. It is only 20 minutes from Hervey Bay and three hours north of Brisbane.

Where? Queens Park in the Maryborough CBD on the Fraser Coast, adjacent to the Portside Heritage Precinct.

Best viewing times: Antime. Early morning and evening is stunning.