Beach Party, Emu Park

2019 Winner: Best Amusing Street Art

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The scene? An unassuming beach-side toilet block in the Queensland town of Emu Park, on the Capricorn Coast. Artist Simon McLean has used a monochromatic style with splashes of vibrant red to bring to life vintage beach scenes that are, err... deliciously naughty.

There's the wicked man precariously balanced on the shoulders of his mates in an attempt to see into the ladies' loo. A chip-stealing seagull. A beach-ball balancing amateur acrobat. A woman learning to balance fish on her forehead. Sea-faring dogs in a boat made from a giant paper hat. And more... but to see them all you'll have to head to Emu Park, a tropical haven 670 kilometres north of Brisbane and 20 kilometres south of Yeppoon.

Emu Park is a contemporary beach community that boasts a vibrant surf and cafe culture, the Emu Park Historical Museum, plus a couple of other street art pieces - one on the walls of the heated public swimming pool and another on the side of Australia Post.


A relaxed 15-minute drive north along a scenic route will bring you to Keppel Marina from where you can catch a fast cat across to Great Keppel Island or take a reef tour. Yeppoon, only a few minutes further north again, is a regional street art hot-spot. The Yeppoon Lagoon, Barry Street and inside the multi-story car park all have gems awaiting to be discovered. You can check them out here or, better still, pack now for your next Emu Park break.

Emu Park has a couple of hotel-motels plus the much loved Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park (a Top park). All are centrally located and close to Bell Park, which is the perfect spot to enjoy sunset fish and chips. Be careful though - Simon's seagull is not the only cheeky one determined to nick a chip!

Where? Kerr Park, at the beach end of Pattison Street, Emu Park

Best viewing times: Anytime during day light hours.